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Dropbox's recruiting team's tech evaluation program

Dropbox's recruiting operations team shares with us their process in evaluating tech tools. The four steps are in defining the problem statement, identifying P0 requirements, evaluating, deciding and implementation. This is different from many other companies' who employ an RFP process.

Identifying critical evaluation categories

Before hopping into evaluating a tech tool which could be time consuming, Dropbox first checks these software off their P0 requirements, consisting of 5 main evaluation categories (integrations, security, analytics, productivity and global). We've included screenshots of their P0 document in our guide, download it to see how it looks like!

Models of evaluation

Software of different purposes employ different frameworks/models for evaluation. Dropbox has built three models of evaluation, namely "Proof of Concept", "Pilot", and "Full implementation". They differ in terms of amount of resources required, time to decision, and in varying levels of scaling and representation.

Decision led by total relationship evaluation

Total relationship evaluation is a summation of the product philosophy, vendor team and the support that they have given throughout the evaluation phase, and product roadmap to see if the tool fits right into the team's talent acquisition goals.

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