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76 days to 37 using GoodTime

Seamless Automated Interview Scheduling

Simply set up your interview and let your candidates select a time. Our time-saving software creates your team’s schedule instantly and allows candidates to pick among all the available times.

Vetted Interviewer Selection

GoodTime’s boolean tagging system helps you efficiently match interviewers to candidates. GoodTime offers an easy way to find the most optimal set of interviewers based on interviewer attributes and required skill sets.

Candidate-Driven Scheduling

GoodTime integrates with an interviewer’s work schedule to provide real-time availability. The best part? Candidates select their own date/time and can even self-reschedule if needed before their interview. Easy text message notifications keep everyone in check.

Comprehensive Calendar and ATS Integrations

The booking process is simple. As soon as the candidate selects the date/time for their interview, GoodTime automatically syncs with your computer and mobile device calendar so everyone’s at the right place at the right time.

Interviewer Selection

The Best Interview Scheduling System for Everyone


1 email instead of 16 to schedule an interview


90% reduction in time to schedule an interview

TA Leaders & Hiring Managers

7 days shorter total time to hire a candidate


Maximum control on every detail about the interview

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Multi-Function Software for Complex Interviews

Back-to-back Interviews

Candidates appreciate back-to-back interviews. While it might be tricky to schedule these interviews manually, GoodTime integrates with Google calendar and other scheduling software to easily compile your interview itinerary.

Seamless Presentation Interviews

Manual scheduling can come with plenty of technical issues. GoodTime’s automated scheduler organizes presentation interviews so every panel member is added to the viewer.

Built-In Roundup and Debrief Sessions

Don't let the best employee slip by. Ensure candidate feedback is captured quickly by automatically adding debrief meetings to your employee schedules.

Automated Lunch and Break Scheduling

Schedule culture meetings like lunches and breaks with team members while you let your candidates refresh and refuel.

Easy Conference Room Scheduling

Conference rooms are scarce resources at large and small businesses alike. Manage, time-track, and book the best conference rooms with an easy user interface for every interview.

Multi-Function Software for Complex Interviews

The #1 Scheduler for Large Recruiting Teams

Flawless Time Zone Management

GoodTime automatically detects candidates' and interviewers' time zones and automatically converts them. This robust software removes any complications involved in traveling and differing timezones.

Easy Coordination

Do you manage multiple recruiting coordinators? GoodTime’s platform helps you to easily assign interviews to schedule and balance the workload.

Ghost Scheduling Capabilities

Going on vacation? Among other key features, you can let your colleague ghost schedule on your behalf and prevent backlog.

Balanced Workflow

GoodTime recognizes that an efficient handover process is key for a smooth workflow. With that, the recruiter to recruiting coordinator hand-off process is optimized by the software for large talent acquisition teams.

Flawless Time Zone Management

Automated Batch Interview Scheduling

Recruiting coordinators and recruiters can review multiple candidates’ availability and schedule their interviews simultaneously.

Schedule Recruiter Screening Calls

Recruiters can schedule all of their candidates with impeccable ease of use.

Streamlined University Recruitment

Busy students and recent graduates will love how easy it is to book an interview with this streamlined software solution.

Evergreen & High Volume Roles

Drive efficiency for these roles and get the best candidates for your organization, as soon as possible.

Schedule Recruiter Screening Calls

Automated Interview Scheduling Takes Care of Reschedules

Candidate-Driven Interview Rescheduling

More than 50% of interviews get rescheduled. With automated scheduling, a candidate can easily view interviewers’ availability and reschedule directly from their interview confirmation.

Automated Interviewer Selection

We understand how frustrating it is to have last-minute cancellations, especially for busy interviewers. We make rescheduling a breeze by providing a list of replacement interviewers, dates, and times that work for the interviewers and the candidate.

Automated Potential Conflict Warnings

Need to be available today? This software program scans and notifies you in real-time of potential hard and soft conflicts. Predictive schedules give you a higher chance of nailing down the best time for an interview.

Candidate-Driven Interview Rescheduling

Automate interview scheduling with the top interview scheduling solution.

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