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Customer Quote GoodTime’s demo spoke to nearly every pain point we felt. When we ran a pilot, our recruiting coordinators were unanimous in wanting to keep GoodTime. Megan Gebhart Recruiting Programs Manager at Airbnb


Create efficiency during hyper growth and improve collaboration

For years, Airbnb’s recruiting and recruiting operations team had used non-standardized processes. That made it tough to improve efficiency and it also created barriers between the recruiting and interview teams. In 2017, Airbnb looked to GoodTime for help.


Airbnb is globally renowned. It’s a popular online marketplace and hospitality service that enables people to lease or rent short-term lodging, including vacation rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hostel beds, and hotel rooms. Valued at over $31B, the San Francisco-based company pays detailed attention to its internal processes, looking for efficiencies wherever it can. As a software-based service, its staff know that cutting-edge programming can improve user experiences and the bottom line.
Between 2014 and 2017 Airbnb’s interviewer pool quadrupled, but their interview processes stayed the same. Unfortunately, that meant the processes didn’t scale well and inefficiencies compounded as the team expanded around the world.

Today, the company’s 100+ recruiters and 15 recruiting coordinators conduct more than 1,000 interviews each month. That’s right. More than 1,000 interviews every month.

Head of Talent at Airbnb wanted to improve and standardize their processes, and promote better relationships between the recruiting and interview teams. They knew that user experience could help the company gain an edge in the ongoing battle for talent around the globe.


Despite a hackathon, Airbnb’s internal software solution wasn’t robust enough to solve the recruiting team’s main problems:

Manual work in too many tools
Before GoodTime, the recruiting coordinators’ team worked manually in several tools. They tracked interviewers’ 26 potential attributes and scheduled interviews in spreadsheets, and practically lived inside Google Calendar. It was utterly unscalable with a larger interviewer pool.

Everyone dreaded rescheduling. It took so much work to schedule an initial interview that finding the right interviewer panel for a reschedule was usually even more complicated. That mattered. If a candidate’s first experiences with the recruiting team were painful, it was a poor introduction to the company as a whole.
Coordinating for OoO
When recruiting coordinators were out of the office, creating coverage plans was complex, high-risk, and time-consuming. It was hard to distribute work evenly, and far too easy for critical information and tasks to slip through the cracks. Mistakes were inevitable.

The workload
The interview team’s workload was not well distributed. One third of the team did 75% of the interviews, which led to interview fatigue. The recruiting team wanted to distribute the workload more evenly but found that difficult because it tracked everything manually for hundreds (and eventually thousands) of interviewers.


Airbnb has rolled out GoodTime across its recruiting team in San Francisco, Dublin, and Singapore, and everyone has been impressed with the software’s solutions.
With GoodTime, we can schedule interviews accurately. That helps us provide an excellent interviewer and candidate experience. Penny Recruiting Coordinator Lead at Airbnb

No. More. Spreadsheets.

GoodTime’s tagging feature means the recruiting team doesn’t manually track interviewers’ attributes any more. (Wild cheering goes here!) The team can also schedule accurately, which reduces the number of reschedules and provides a better interviewer and candidate experience.

Drag and drop rescheduling

With GoodTime, every interviewer is tagged so it’s easy to select ones with certain attributes and abilities, which makes it a breeze to replace an interviewer. The drag and drop feature makes it incredibly easy to change and replace interviewers and interview times. It takes seconds to reorder interviews or adjust interview panel. The whole calendar adjusts itself accordingly.

Coordinate work coverage

Moving work tasks from one recruiting coordinator to another is simple with GoodTime. Gone are the days of detailed coverage strategies. The dashboard lets you see and reassign all of a recruiting coordinator’s candidates, and any related emails go directly to the newly assigned recruiting coordinator. So easy.

Interview load balance and diversified panels

GoodTime distributes the interview load across the interviewer population so no one has an unfair workload. Recruiting coordinators can choose the maximum number of interviews each interviewer can do each week and each day. GoodTime’s smart software picks the best interviewers based on skill sets and availability.


GoodTime lets us schedule interview panels anywhere from two to five times faster! Anany Recruiting Coordinator at Airbnb
The move to GoodTime has given Airbnb very clear results:

Time well spent

Its recruiting coordinator teams are 2-5X faster in scheduling interviews now that they use GoodTime’s standardized processes and don’t track anything manually. Overall, these improvements help the operations team achieve its efficiency goals, remove roadblocks, and add consistency across functions.

Rescheduling is a breeze

On average, rescheduling an interview with GoodTime takes less than one minute. What more can we say?

Collaboration is happening

Imagine a recruiting coordinator scheduling more than 150 interviews in one week and still having time for strategic work. It’s happening at Airbnb.

Reasonable workloads

Each week, Airbnb averages 2.75 interviews per interviewer per month. No one has more than three per week or more than one per day. The interviewers don’t feel like their calendars are chock full of interviews, which means they’re happier with the recruiting teams. And that relationship matters!
80% of our recruiting coordinators named scheduling and rescheduling as their biggest challenges. That’s exactly what GoodTime helps us address. William Recruiting Coordinator at Airbnb