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Quotation GoodTime took what I originally thought was a dream come true and made Axios’ process even better.
Senior Talent Associate at Axios


Enabling Axios' Talent Team to drive efficiency in just a couple of weeks

Before GoodTime, the Axios team had a manual hiring process that involved a lot of back-and-forth emails between their team and their candidates. This caused a slower Time to Hire due the recruiting team handling these manual tasks in the process to get candidates confirmed for interviews. With the team already swamped, they were looking for a solution that the team could easily pick up and bring them efficiency through a more automated process, thereby enabling them to enforce their SLAs when responding to candidates.


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With their incredible growth, they are looking to double the headcount of the team to support their expansion.

GoodTime's On-boarding Process To Get To Value Quickly

First Week

A goal of hitting 200 employees by the end of the year is difficult to achieve, and the Axios recruiting team had little time to waste learning how to use a new software system. In their first week of implementing GoodTime, the recruiting team spent time with their CSM to learn the basics of creating templates and scheduling through the platform. After that first session, recruiting coordinators jumped right in and immediately started scheduling upcoming phone screens, learning how GoodTime worked as they kept up with growth demands.

1st Check-in
Part of this process was having Axios practice with GoodTime outside of their weekly check-ins with their CSM. Each week, the Axios team would check in with their CSM for a GoodTime Training Session. These sessions enabled the team to go through sections of the platform multiple times to make sure that they really understood how to leverage different functions to maximize value out of the platform for the candidates, the recruiting team, and the interviewers.

Within One Month - Loving GoodTime!

The lightbulb moment came when they were scheduling in-person interviews at Axios’ other offices. They realized how effortless it was to schedule a complex engineering interview in the platform. In a matter of a few clicks, the Axios team:
  1. Had their interview panel lined up with available interviewers
  2. Auto-selected meeting rooms which ensured the room was available for the entire time of the interview
  3. Sent a personalized invitation to the candidate to select the available days/times for them to come in and interview

With the help of weekly check-ins with their CSM and playing around in the system, Axios had the GoodTime automated scheduling portion of the platform down in just three weeks!


Thanks to GoodTime, the Axios recruiting team has made great efficiency gains to their recruiting process in just a few weeks! Since implementing GoodTime, 50% of their interviews are confirmed within 3.4 hours, down from 2 days prior to implementing GoodTime! This is out of almost 2,000 interviews that have been scheduled since their onboarding in March 2019!
This is out of almost 2,000 interviews that have been scheduled since their onboarding in March 2019!

GoodTime’s Onboarding Structure for Success

quotation I’m a lot calmer now that we’ve implemented GoodTime. Before, I’d have to block out time and schedule for candidates and my stress level would go up.
Talent Associate at Axios

Whether training is done remotely or onsite, GoodTime’s onboarding is designed with our customers' success in mind.

To accomplish this, every onboarding journey starts with a 2-hour session with their dedicated Customer Success Manager. This CSM trains all stakeholders on GoodTime’s features which includes going over automated scheduling, helping the team set up their tags to intelligently select interviewers, setting up load balancing rules, and sharing calendar hygiene best practices for their interviewers and hiring managers. As the team being onboarded continues to play around and get comfortable with GoodTime, the CSMs schedule weekly check-ins to make sure any questions are answered. Additionally, during business hours, all customers have access to our in-app chat to quickly get answers to questions! Our average response time is under 2-minutes. Learning any new platform isn’t easy, even if it is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. That’s why we have support in place at every step of the way to make sure our customers are successful.

Axios' Advice for New GoodTime Customers

For any company thinking about using GoodTime, Axios’ Talent Acquisition team fully recommends getting it immediately! When learning how to use GoodTime, they advise taking the time to play around in the system and to not feel like you have to learn the entire platform in a day. Any new technology takes time to learn and be comfortable using, and it’s worth it in the end for the time savings, improved candidate experience, and efficiency you get!
Quotation White Even if your process and system is great, you truly have no idea how great things can be until you adopt GoodTime
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition at Axios