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Quotation Removing the manual calendar puzzling that takes place when trying to schedule complex onsite interviews allows for a more seamless experience overall. GoodTime dramatically reduces the time the coordinator spends per interview. Molly Orloff
Recruiting Operations Specialist at PAX Labs, Inc.


Tripling headcount to support their business goals with just one recruiting coordinator.

PAX Labs, Inc. entered a period of hyper growth and needed to triple their workforce to support their business goals. However, with one recruiting coordinator, this meant that their team needed technology to increase efficiency to meet these goals.

The team needed a solution that would be easy to pick up and use, scale with them as they increased their volume of interviews, reduce the time it takes to get candidates through the door to decrease the overall time to hire, all while ensuring their recruiting coordinator isn’t spending all of their time scheduling.


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Above all, PAX Labs gives a first-class experience to their customers!
Quotation White GoodTime has been a huge time saver for me as a recruiting coordinator. It deals with the stressful part of looking for availabilities across multiple calendars while I can focus on getting as many interviews scheduled as possible!
Olivia Yoon Recruiting Coordinator at PAX Labs, Inc.


There’s a learning curve when it comes to using any new technology, and the forward-thinking team at PAX was ready to dive headfirst into the challenge. The team came to every training session with their dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) with questions about best practices and how to best leverage all of GoodTime’s features to improve their interview experience.

During their training and onboarding, they were encouraged to create a test candidate and use GoodTime to schedule with them. The team would use their test candidate to practice scheduling all-day interviews, phone screens, on-site interviews, and personalizing GoodTime’s interview templates.
Using a test candidate to “test the waters” made sure the team was able to practice as much as they needed in order to feel comfortable with the platform. It also gave the team the opportunity to personalize the candidate experience by providing effective communication for candidates. Additionally, the team had weekly check-ins with their CSM. These made sure they were getting their questions answered quickly which contributed to getting ramped up and seeing the full value of the platform. After practicing on their own, the PAX team progressed to scheduling using real candidates.

Because of the team’s dedication and ownership to using something new, they were fully ramped up and using GoodTime after one week!


Significant Efficiency Gains to Reach their Hiring Goals

With how quickly the team onboarded, they were able to see the immediate benefits of GoodTime’s platform. In fact, in just the 9 months since implementation, PAX’s only recruiting coordinator has scheduled more than 2,500 interviews, a rate of ~70 interviews per week. This has enabled them to grow from around 90 employees to nearly 200 in less than a year!

Because of the speed at which their RC can schedule interviews, PAX is on track to fulfill (and potentially exceed) their goal of hiring about another 100 people by the end of 2019. Additionally, their time to hire has been cut nearly in half since implementing GoodTime and the time that candidates spend in each stage of the hiring process has gone down nearly 2 days per stage.
Automating the scheduling process helped decrease turnaround time significantly so PAX can move candidates through the process much more quickly. This leaves the team with extra time to really focus on the all-important candidate experience. Spending less time scheduling means more time answering candidate questions and focusing on additional outreach.

From scheduling to candidate experience, the team at PAX has gotten back their time and bandwidth to add additional interviews. PAX Labs’ commitment to experimenting in the platform is what led them to reach time savings, efficiency, and comfort with GoodTime so quickly after implementation.
Good Time
Quotation White PAX Labs Inc.'s Advice
For a company thinking of going forward with GoodTime, we recommend trusting the platform and the GoodTime team. Once you set up your templates and take the time to practice scheduling and exploring the platform, you’ll start seeing the time-savings and effectiveness almost immediately!