The data and insights that we get from GoodTime help our team make decisions in a really dramatic way. All of these metrics help us set goals for what things should look like and how we're going to get there.

Mikayla Warren, Senior Recruitment Operations Associate, Deliveroo

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Deliveroo provides delivery services from a vast selection of top-rated restaurants, operating in 13 countries. Customers can easily choose from their favorite local places, and have food quickly delivered right to their doorstep.

After experiencing major growth since its launch in 2013, Deliveroo like so many other organizations was forced into some tough decisions — including furloughs. But by the end of the year, demand for food delivery services had more than rebounded — and Deliveroo, with the help of Goodtime, quickly hired 700+ employees.

Building Blocks to Hiring Top Talent

Amazing Candidate Experience

Top talent candidates have many options and expect a seamless, captivating experience every step of the way.

Data-Driven Recruiting

Great data allows for continuously learning from and improving the recruiting process, time to hire, hiring costs, and making better hiring decisions.

Hiring Quality at Scale

Automating and scaling the scheduling process allows Pinterest to reach out to more candidates in the pipeline and make better hiring decisions.

The Challenge: Increased candidate volume, but a slow scheduling process

Mikayla Warren, Senior Recruitment Operations Associate, describes Deliveroo’s recruitment process before GoodTime as “manual” and “disorganized.” The recruiting team was increasingly working with long, complicated scheduling processes and overworked interviewers.

Having used GoodTime at a previous company, Mikayla knew she wanted to implement it for her new team, too, to make three key changes:

1. Automate hiring and enhance the candidate experience
2. Train interviewers and balance interviewer load
3. Get data-driven insights and make better decisions moving forward

Since implementing GoodTime, Deliveroo has expanded their recruitment team from just five employees to more than 70

With a small team of five, Deliveroo’s recruitment team used to manage hiring with multiple spreadsheets — a process that Mikayla describes as “never updated.”

With a tedious scheduling process, recruiting coordinators were adding days — sometimes even weeks — to their time-to-hire in back-and-forth emails and manual calendar checks. What’s more, the team didn’t have the tools they needed to track interview metrics or interviewer load, which meant many interviewers were becoming overworked and burning out.

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The Solution

Since implementing GoodTime, Deliveroo has expanded their recruitment team from just five employees to more than 70. Today, all interviewers are trained first, and aligned with the overall hiring strategy — which results in a faster, more efficient hiring process. What used to take 20-25 minutes now takes less than 5.


“Goodtime provided us with a really accurate onboarding process for our influx of new recruiters, which enabled them to get started and ramp up as quickly as possible,” Mikayla says.

The Outcome

By automating more of their hiring process, and aligning their entire team, the Deliveroo recruiters have also impacted the candidate experience they provide. Candidates are now invited into a seamless workflow, and equipped with ongoing metrics and insights, the Deliveroo team is empowered to continuously improve.

“For anyone considering GoodTime, I would absolutely recommend it,” Mikayla remarks. “It is the most efficient tool that I've ever worked with. It really improves your hiring goals and your time-to-hire. And it gives much better insights than I’ve seen from any other ATS or scheduling tool.”

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Valuable Insights

Automated Scheduling & Better Candidate Experience

Before GoodTime, recruiters at Deliveroo manually checked calendars to see who was available for an upcoming interview; then, recruiters would send emails and update spreadsheets according to that availability.

But so many manual updates left lots of room for error. Schedules didn’t always get updated, which to interviewers and interviewees alike, could feel like chaos.

Now, with GoodTime, the number of steps it takes to schedule an interview has decreased dramatically. And candidates have noticed. With the ability to schedule and reschedule all on their own, candidates feel welcomed into a streamlined process. The icing on the cake? GoodTime also manages time zones and sends automatic reminders so that no one gets stood up for their interview.

“It’s really made things so much more automated, and it relies so much less on manually updating, which contributes to human error,” Mikayla explains.

Trained Interviewers & Load Balancing

Because manual schedules were not always up-to-date, interviewers would often be surprised by last minute calendar changes. Scheduling inconsistencies created stress, as well as too many very long days.

Now, with GoodTime’s Interview Selection and Training Tool, interviewer schedule load is tracked and balanced, and all interviewers are trained with the right skills to select the best candidates. This structured process delivers a consistent, seamless experience for both interviewers and candidates alike.

“In the past, we never had a seamless way of tracking interviewer load and training,” Mikayla says. “Now that this is all automated, it means that we're going through the process as quickly as possible because we don't have to add extra steps. The load balancing aspect of GoodTime has really improved our interviewer experience as well, which has better impacted the recruitment team.”

Better Decisions with Data & Insights

GoodTime’s real-time dashboard helps the recruitment team analyze data, such as interviewer load and interviewer cancellations, to identify the steps they need to take to optimize their interview process. With these metrics in place, Deliveroo can set goals and create a realistic strategy for reducing both time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

“The data and insights that we get from GoodTime help our team make decisions in a really dramatic way,” Mikayla says. “All of these metrics help us set goals for what things should look like and how we're going to get there.”

We’re not just trying to get people through the process without considering what’s important to our hiring strategy at Deliveroo. That’s why it’s important that our recruitment team is held accountable and trying to improve the candidate experience as much as possible.

Mikayla Warren, Senior Recruitment Operations Associate, Deliveroo

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