Innovative, Thoughtful Features

Created to delight your candidates and streamline the entire interview process

Make your first impression count

Leave a lasting impression on your candidates with seemless scheduling, employer branding and seemless time zone management.


Candidate driven scheduling

Candidates effortlessly select times for phone screens and onsite interviews on desktop and mobile devices.

Time zone management

GoodTime auto-detects candidates' and interviwers' time zones and seamlessly converts interview dates and times.

Employer branding

Express your company culture and personalize your communication from the start. Create a lasting impression with every candidate.

Complex Interviews Made Easy

Match the right interviewers for each candidate for every type of interview, no matter how complex.


Back to back interviews

Onsite interviews with a sequence of multiple events back to back? GoodTime can handle all types of complex interviews.

Alernative interviewers

Frequent interviewer declines? GoodTime will select the most optimal alternative interviewers based on your preference and load balancing.

Attribute-based interviewer selection

Further streamline your interview process by segmenting your interviewers based on their skillsets and training status.

Manage conference rooms like a pro

Let GoodTime select and schedule the most optimal rooms for interviews, while minimizing the number of room changes.

Goodtime Makes Rescheduling a Breeze!


Candidate rescheduling

More than 50% of interviews get rescheduled! Candidates can easily reschedule interviews without contacting your talent team.

Recommended interviewers

Last minute cancellations and declines? We make rescheduling a breeze by recommending available alternative interviewers.

Conflict resolution

GoodTime scans for and notifies you of potential problems such as a recently scheduled conflicting event on your interviewer's calendar.

Powerful Collaboration for Large, Small & Destributed Teams


Assign interviews

Do you manage multiple recruiting coordinators? Easily assign interviews and balance workload amongst your team members.

Ghost scheduling

Going on a vacation? Let your colleague ghost schedule on behalf of you and stay on top all updates with an easy handoff.

Workflow management

Recruiter to recruiting coordinator workflow is built into GoodTime for large talent acquisition teams.

Thoughtful Features for All Stakeholders


Interviewer load-balancing

GoodTime's sophisticated load balancing mechanism will make sure no interviewer gets fatigued with one too many interviews. Your interviewers will thank you for it.


Email & SMS reminders

Customize contents and intervals of interview reminders to candidates and interviewers. Both email and SMS reminders are available.


Interviewer preferences

No interviews before 10am? Interviews only on Mondays and Wednesdays? GoodTime will automatically incorporate each interviewer's preferences.

Measure your recruiting efficiency

GoodTime provides a unique set of data that helps your recruiting and hiring team run more productively.

GoodTime has rich data around:

Interview volume Cancellations Reschedules Funnel analysis
Interviewer leaderboards Interviewer capacity Interview lag time