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Make the recruiting process a candidate-driven one

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What a candidate-driven process means for interviewers and candidates

We partnered with a third-party consulting agency to survey 2,800 candidates and interviewers that went through the interview process within the last 6 months, and used NPS as a quantitative tool to benchmark different attributes of the process to highlight what's important.

Let candidates drive their process

88% of candidates want to schedule their own interview and lead the interview. This not only reduces anxiety, but also help better prepare candidates for the role and enable interviewers to gain better insight into how a candidate will perform on the job.

How to run candidate-driven interviews

Candidate-driven interviews are characterized by self-scheduling, matching interviewers to candidates based on their diverse qualities, and in offering a candidate feedback tool. Candidate respondents who were uncomfortable during the interview rejected offers 5x higher than those that were.

How to get HR and talent buy-in

While candidates and interviewers agree that the interview process is ineffective, half of HR and talent team members however, gave their hiring process an overall score of a perfect 10/10. Hence, as a hiring team, HR, talent, and interviewers need to share their feedback and experiences to adapt and become more candidate focused.

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