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Seamless Virtual Interviewing

Design an effective and seamless virtual interview experience to set you apart in the new economy. A video interview doesn't need to be bland. Enhance the entire experience from the scheduling to the video call itself. Your home office has never felt so personal.

The Best Talent Search Process

Navigating uncertainty calls for top talent. From the submission of a job application to making the eventual offer, the best way to hire desired employees is through streamlining your virtual interviewing process via a scheduling software.

Personalized Virtual Interviews

Losing face-to-face meetings has never been easier. GoodTime’s software enables you to deliver a seamless and personalized hiring process so that you can make better and faster hiring decisions.

Virtual Interviewing

Candidates Love Our Virtual Interviewing Software

Without the classic firm handshake, how can you be sure to make a good impression?
Give job seekers the simplicity they crave by eliminating scheduling background noise.

Automated Scheduling for Phone Screens

Remove the friction of finding availability in your candidates’ calendars with back and forth emails.

Virtual Interview Software Offers Diversity and Inclusion

Each candidate is one of a kind. GoodTime’s unique interviewer tagging system allows you to tailor each interaction.

Optimized Workflow for Virtual Interviewing

Experience a scalable virtual interviewing process that includes panels, multi-day interviews, and more.

Integrations for the Best Virtual Interview

Find it tricky creating Zoom links for different interviews and adding them to the right calendar invite? GoodTime automatically solves this problem.

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Virtual Interviewing Made Easy

Back-to-back Interviews

While on the job hunt, there are plenty of meetings and appointments to keep track of. On-site interviews with a sequence of multiple events happening one after the other? GoodTime easily finds a time to pen in that important interview, one after another for a great candidate experience.

Seamless Presentation Interviews

Automate presentation interviews so every panel interviewer is added to the presentation. Limit technical difficulties in your video conferencing process and focus on thoughtful questions—this will wow your prospective employees.

Built-In Roundup and Debrief Sessions

Ensure that feedback for candidates is captured quickly by automatically adding video chat debriefs after your interviews.

Virtual Interviewing Software for Multi-Day Interviews

Video interviews can bring more flexibility than traditional interviews. Schedule an interview across 2-3 days within a two-week scheduling window.


Automated Batch Interview Scheduling

Receive multiple candidates’ availability and schedule their interviews simultaneously.

Schedule Recruiter Screening Calls

Recruiters can efficiently schedule all of their candidates with a click of a button. Learn how to better utilize common questions in the screening process and find candidates who are really in line with the skills you need.

Streamlined University Recruitment Process

Students and recent graduates will love how easy it is to book an interview with your company. The interview process will effortlessly fit into their college schedules that have little wiggle room between mandatory classes.

Evergreen & High Volume Roles

Drive efficiency in your candidates' job search by getting them scheduled as soon as possible. Job applicants will appreciate less scheduling small talk and more intentional conversations about a mutual fit for the role.

Schedule Recruiter Screening Calls

Automated Interview Scheduling Takes Care of Reschedules

Candidate-Driven Interview Rescheduling

More than 50% of applicants get their interview rescheduled. With automated scheduling, a candidate can easily reschedule their virtual job interview with their confirmation email address.

Automated Interviewer Selection

We understand how frustrating it is to have last-minute cancellations and declines. Our special scheduling algorithm makes rescheduling a breeze by providing a list of replacement interviewers and search committee members, offering dates, and times that work for everyone.

Automated Potential Conflict Warnings

We scan and notify you in real-time of potential hard and soft conflicts for your live video or phone call. This enables your team members greater flexibility when scheduling.

Automated Interview Scheduling

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