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Deliver the Best Virtual Interviewing Experience

Virtual Interviewing and remote work have become the new standard. Deliver an amazing seamless experience to hire the best talent.

Digital Transformation is Everywhere

Design an effective and seamless virtual interview experience to set you apart in the new economy.

Talent Drives Growth and Change

Navigating uncertainty calls for top talent. Finding and attracting such talent calls for the best virtual interviewing scheduling software.

Talent-First Virtual Interviewing

GoodTime allows you to deliver a seamless, personalized experience and make better and faster hiring decisions.

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The best virtual interview software of the best candidate experience

Automate Phone Screens

Remove the friction of finding time on your candidates’ calendars with back and forth emails.

Diversity and Inclusion

Each candidate is one of a kind. GoodTime’s unique interviewer tagging system allows you to tailor each interaction.

Virtual Interviewing Workflow

Design an effective, scalable virtual interviewing process with panels, multi-day interviews and more.

Seamless Integrations

GoodTime comes with Zoom, Blue Jeans, and WebEx right out of the box for a seamless candidate experience.

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Complex Interviews Made Easy

automated interview scheduling software

Back-to-back Interviews

On-site interviews with a sequence of multiple events happening one after the other? GoodTime easily finds a time that works for everyone.

Presentation Interviews

Automate presentation interviews so every panel interviewer is added to the presentation.

Roundups & Debriefs

Ensure candidate feedback is captured quickly by automatically adding debrief meetings after your interviews.

Multi-day Interviews

Schedule an interview across 2-3 days within a two week scheduling window.

Batch Interview Scheduling

Receive multiple candidates’ availability and schedule their interviews simultaneously
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Recruiter Screens

Recruiters can efficiently schedule all of their candidates with a click of a button

University Recruiting

Students and recent graduates will love how easy it is to book an interview with your company

Evergreen & High Volume Roles

Drive efficiency for these roles and get your candidates scheduled as soon as possible

Overwhelmed by Reschedules? Fear no more!

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Candidate Self-Reschedule

More than 50% of interviews get rescheduled. With automated scheduling, a candidate can easily reschedule directly from their interview confirmation.

Recommended Interviewers

We understand how frustrating it is to have last minute cancellations and declines. We make rescheduling a breeze by providing a list of replacement interviewers, dates, and times that work for both your interviewers and the candidate.

Warning for Potential Conflicts

We scan and notify you in real-time of potential hard and soft conflicts. This enables you greater flexibility when scheduling.

Ready to automate interview scheduling with the best-in-class Interview Logistics Platform?