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Box Recruiting Team enjoying their day
Quotation GoodTime is a great accelerator for the hiring process. By leveraging the platform and putting more control into the hands of candidates, we've eliminated what’s normally the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the process. David Moore
VP of Recruiting at Box


Empowering tomorrow’s recruiters, today

Shane Noe joined Box’s recruiting team with one thing in mind: he wanted to use his analytical background to build tomorrow’s recruiters, today. However, there was little time to improve skills and gain additional exposure because the Recruiting Coordinators were spending around 90% of their time scheduling.

He surveyed the team to see what he could do to make their roles more meaningful. The number one thing they asked for? Find technology to expedite scheduling!


Box is a SaaS-based company focused on cloud content management and file sharing for businesses. A forward-thinking organization, Box has a culture of promoting from within and giving their customers and employees a truly great experience. Many of their employees have been with the company for numerous years, which is a true testament to their great culture!
Box is always hiring, and to support this growth they have a talent team of 68 people including 9 recruiting coordinators responsible scheduling more than 500 interviews every single month.

The leadership at Box wants the recruiting team focused on high-value activities like spending time with candidates, hiring managers, and providing great experiences to all of the stakeholders


90% of Their Time Spent Scheduling

Manually scheduling pre-screens, technical phone interviews, onsite interviews, and debrief meetings was time intensive, error-prone, and tedious. This led to the recruiting coordination team to feel overwhelmed and feel like they were falling behind.

No Interview Process Visibility
Interviewing is the most time-consuming part of the hiring process. Shane’s strong financial and strategic background influenced his desire to bring data into recruiting, which, before GoodTime, Box had little of.

Meaningful Projects

Box has a plethora of opportunities to work on new projects and encourages their employees to do so. Unfortunately, the recruiting coordination team rarely had the bandwidth to participate. Making sure interviews were getting scheduled jam packed their week.

Difficulties Scaling Interview Training
Box’s interview certification process involves three interview shadows and three reverse shadows. It’s difficult to pack this into an already full schedule, and the Box recruiting team had no way to know for sure when someone had completed all the steps to be certified.


GoodTime’s automated interview scheduling enabled Box's recruiting team to schedule even the most complex interviews in a matter of a few clicks. The team now selects interviewers not only by their availability, but also by their certifications, skill sets, and even by personal characteristics to support their D&I initiatives, all while fitting right into their natural workflow.


GoodTime ensures that the Box team is putting the right interviewer is in front of their candidates, preventing potential top talent from slipping through the cracks. The team now spends their days working on challenging projects and providing a great candidate experience instead of manually scheduling interviews.

Machine Learning & Hard/Soft Conflicts

Box directly supported the creation of GoodTime’s hard and soft conflict AI. When requesting availability, GoodTime automatically examines all interviewers’ calendars to determine if the meeting is a soft conflict (breakfast hold, 1-on-1s, etc.) that you can schedule an interview over, or a hard conflict (customer meeting, all hands meeting, etc.) that can’t be.
GoodTime’s machine learning is continuously updating this algorithm to better predict the likelihood that a meeting will take place based on previous occurrences.

Data & Analytics

Shane’s top priority is efficiency through data. With GoodTime, the recruiting operations team now has access to data such as: the number of interview cancellations, the amount of reschedules, interviewer load, and more. This information is all broken down by the role and the recruiter. Using this data, Shane can understand which roles are more costly to fill and can craft strategies to reduce both the time and cost per hire.

Increased Interviewer Pools

The Box recruiting team relies on GoodTime’s interview training to ensure potential interviewers are completing training and getting properly certified. This has especially helped with their engineering interview pool to help balance the interview load.





quotation After implementing GoodTime, our coordinators now spend 40% less time scheduling. Shane Noe
Head of Recruiting Operations at Box


Taking Back Their Time

After implementing GoodTime, coordinators now spend 40% less of their days working on scheduling. This has freed up the recruiting team to work on meaningful projects like their certification process, globally automating offer letters, Hiring at Box workshops, and more - all with the time they got back through using GoodTime!

Accelerated Career Development

The new projects that the recruiting coordinators got to work on because of the time they’ve gained back from GoodTime has armed them with the skills to be future of Box’s recruiting. Since GoodTime’s implementation, four RCs have been promoted with the newly acquired skills they’ve gained on the meaningful projects they have gotten to work on!

Streamlined Scheduling & Training Processes

The recruiting team can set up and phone screens and even complex on-site interviews in just a few clicks. When timing the team at Box, for even the most complex interviews it took the team just over 5 minutes to confirm an interview with a candidate - a 78% reduction from the 31 minutes it used to take without GoodTime. Inside the same platform, the team is using Interview Training to help make their new hires properly trained and certified so they have more interviewers available to assist while they are scaling.


The Box Recruiting Team
Quotation White GoodTime saves us a lot of time in process efficiency, which really helped us grow as a recruiting function. I don’t have to worry about how much time I’m spending writing all my little notes in my notebook and, instead, I can focus more strategically on candidate experience projects Mark Anderson
Enterprise Sales Recruiting at Box