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Quotation The connection we’re able to have with the candidate from our first interaction makes them want to work for us even more.
Senior Technical Recruiter at Formation


The recruiting team at Formation is comprised of full cycle recruiters who handle everything from sourcing to scheduling interviews and presenting offers to candidates.

Without a recruiting coordinator, it was up to the team of recruiters to better Formation’s candidate experience and shorten their time-to-hire. To accomplish this, they knew they had to rely on additional tools to hire the best talent in the Bay Area.


Formation’s AI-powered marketing platform enables the world’s leading organizations to orchestrate their customer interactions. By using their platform to deliver hyper-personalized offers directly to their customers, their clients are shattering success metrics across-the-board.
As Formation looks to the future, their focus is on building a world-class team of individuals who are naturally curious and who are passionate about working to solve complex problems.

"More people don’t make things better; better tools like GoodTime do."


Formation is focused on hyper-personalization in both their product and their recruiting. Before GoodTime, their team’s only recruiter attempted to personalize the experience while sourcing top candidates and manually scheduling interviews. Despite hiring additional recruiters, it became increasingly difficult to provide a great candidate experience with the little time they had left after manually scheduling interviews.
In the end, the added workload and busy schedules kept by more senior individuals in the company meant that Formation needed to turn to technology, not additional people, in order to bring efficiency, scalability, and a more personalized candidate experience back into their hiring process. They were looking for a solution that provided a better candidate experience by removing human error and negative the back-and-forth emails that are associated with scheduling interviews.


Since adopting GoodTime, Formation’s team of full cycle recruiters are on track to fulfill their hiring goals for 2019. These include a strengthened focus on providing a great candidate experience and scaling to meet demand while driving down human error and inefficiencies.
GoodTime has enabled Formation’s recruiting team to decrease their Time to Hire by 2-3x. Before, it used to take the team up to 1.5 hours to schedule an onsite interview; now, it takes just 3 minutes. This speed is what enabled Formation to quickly hire an engineer within 15 business days from initial outreach.

quotation-green GoodTime has allowed me to spend more time sourcing better candidates who will have longer careers at Formation. Senior Technical Recruiter at Formation


Improved Quality of Hire

By utilizing GoodTime, Formation’s recruiting team spends less time scheduling and more time sourcing high-quality candidates and training interviewers.

Their interview training program includes coaching interviewers on what questions to ask and how they should accurately explain the role so candidates know exactly what would be expected of them should they be hired. With the added training and in-house sourcing, Formation has found that the candidates they hire not only perform better, they also have a longer tenure with the company (on average 1+ years).

Better Candidate Experience

The time that Formation’s been able to save through GoodTime means they can really differentiate themselves from other companies. The recruiters have the time to give hands-on interview preparation which includes:
  • Answering all the questions that a candidate may have
  • Letting them know what to expect and what they’ll be asked
  • Giving them continuous updates of where they are in the process

All of this has directly contributed to the increase in positive reviews they’ve gotten on Glassdoor about their interview process, many of which directly mention how quick their interview process was and the quality of the feedback that they received from recruiters.

Increase in Recruiting Efficiency

When scheduling with GoodTime, the team doesn’t have to worry about human error nor fitting roundups into their interviewers’ busy schedules. All interviews and roundups are automatically scheduled by the software, which enables faster feedback cycles. This, in turn, empowers Formation to hire top talent faster than other organizations.

When you worry less about scheduling, you can spend more time focusing on hiring strategically. For every hour the team gets back from utilizing GoodTime, it’s an hour they’re able to spend on improving the candidate experience, checking references, and closing their candidates.

Tackling Strategic Projects

With the time back that the team has gotten, one senior technical recruiter has been able to work on a variety of important projects. This includes building out their entire intern program, which is based in their Seattle office.

Hiring in Seattle while their recruiters are based in San Francisco meant the team had to be strategic with their onsite interviews. GoodTime’s batch scheduling feature was key to helping the team schedule multiple interviews for different candidates in just a few clicks-- saving time while still delivering a positive candidate experience.

Using the batch scheduling feature, the senior technical recruiter was able to schedule 32 phone screens in just one week!
Quality of Hire
Quotation White Even though we’re a small team, since using GoodTime we’ve been able to stop relying on outside agencies and, instead, source our candidates ourselves. GoodTime enables us to be a truly full cycle team!
Recruiter at Formation