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Quotation Empower both your internal and external recruiters by giving them access to GoodTime. Eli Hamel
Head of Recruiting at Patreon


Collaboration between Internal and External Recruiters

Ever since coming to life in May 2013, Patreon has been experiencing hyper accelerated growth. The recruiting team is no stranger to doubling, tripling or even quadrupling headcounts in the span of a year. This pace of growth calls for the recruiting team to have an extremely dynamic and robust recruiting infrastructure. Currently, Patreon makes use of both internal and external recruiters and turns to GoodTime for efficient coordination to recruit at volume.


Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Fans become paying patrons of their favorite artists in exchange for exclusive rewards and more.The San Francisco-based company founded by artist Jack Conte and Sam Yam has been growing rapidly, effectively doubling its size in 2017. Patreon intends to triple their number of employees by the end of 2019. Clearly that’s not going to be an easy feat. So how does Patreon gear themselves towards achieving such a massive goal?
Eli Hamel, Director of Recruiting at Patreon, shares that Patreon’s leadership team is extremely forward-thinking in terms of planning for headcount. This helps in setting both short and long term goals. After the goals are established, the recruiting team works backwards to figure out the most efficient way to accomplish these goals. Strong diversity and inclusion initiatives are a critical component during planning to ensure Patreon’s culture is preserved.

When you're talking about tripling your headcount, embrace recruiting technologies and promote team collaboration.


Scheduling is a big challenge
Patreon’s hiring process involves pre-screens, technical phone interviews and onsites. Prior to using GoodTime, the scheduling process was time intensive, error prone and tedious. To meet the demands of hiring this year, the team needed to schedule more than 360 interviews a quarter. Hiring at this scale with the resources at hand does not leave any room for inefficiencies in the process.

Aligning candidate instructions and email templates
Patreon loves getting quality candidates from their external recruiters, but it can get tricky updating the external recruiters with new instructions on hiring processes, and in crafting the emails accordingly.
Time differences between internal recruiting team and external recruiters
Patreon’s external recruiters operate on a different timezone, causing a delay of 3-10 hours in email exchanges with Patreon’s internal recruiting team. These communication bottlenecks make cross time zone efficiency tricky. Response times are slowed and often present frustrating situations for candidates who are caught in the middle waiting for replies.

Time spent interviewing candidates who are less qualified
When pre-screens and technical phone interviews are conducted in a less stringent manner, the interviewers at Patreon face high opportunity costs as they interview candidates who do not fit the requirements.


Patreon has rolled out GoodTime for both internal and external recruiters, and they’re loving the features on GoodTime!
quotation-green With GoodTime, it takes little to no effort to coordinate with Patreon’s internal recruiting team and send information to candidates! Mawulom Nenonene External Technical Recruiter at Patreon

Automated scheduling

GoodTime automates interview scheduling. Using GoodTime, scheduling an interview is as easy as sending an email. GoodTime then intelligently shares interviewer availability with the candidate, and confirms the best timing with the recruiting team.

Easy-to-build candidate instructions and email templates

Say goodbye to long hours of consolidating and communicating new instructions every time your team’s process changes. With GoodTime, recruiting leadership can keep a simple repository of interview instructions and email templates. Changes made locally will automatically sync to recruiters and interviewers and adjustments in process can controlled from HQ and released seamlessly. No. Errors. Involved.

Direct hand-offs

Traditionally, external recruiters email and hand-off a candidate to the internal recruiting team to schedule onsite interviews. With GoodTime, external recruiters can directly schedule the onsite interview with the internal recruiting team. All that’s left is a simple ping saying, “Hey, I’ve got this candidate scheduled for an onsite interview”. From there, the internal recruiter can track and coordinate interviews directly on GoodTime.


quotation GoodTime increased the number of interviews scheduled per day by 2x, leading us closer to our recruiting goals. Eli Hamel
Director of Recruiting at Patreon

Win back time to source for more candidates

Scheduling is so much easier, and external recruiters no longer have to wait 3-10 hours for Patreon’s internal recruiting team to schedule an interview with the candidate.

Interview the best candidates

By making it easier for both internal and external recruiters to schedule pre-screens with no effort, they are much more willing to properly screen candidates and only hand-off the best candidates to go for onsite interviews.

Coordination at the speed of light

With interview information all on a single platform, it’s way easier to work together, track progress and hand-off quality candidates. Since there’s no longer a need to toggle between different software and maintain various excel sheets just to track progress, the recruiting team is empowered to display better data integrity.
Quotation White I mastered the use of GoodTime with a 1 day tutorial. With GoodTime, it’s just so simple and convenient for me to be coordinating interviews for both internal and external recruiters! Katie Markwith
Recruiting Coordinator at Patreon