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Quotation Be forward looking. Try to adopt GoodTime sooner rather than later. Neboysa Omcikus
Head of Talent at Rubrik


6 recruiters to hire 300

Rubrik is Silicon Valley’s fastest growing SaaS startup. In 2017, it aims to grow by 250%. Moving from 200 to 500 employees is an astounding goal, especially with a six-person recruiting team and no recruiting coordinators. How are they doing it? They’re relying on GoodTime to recoup thousands of hours on scheduling.


Rubrik is a platform that makes it easy for businesses to do things like backup, recover, replicate, search, analyze, archive, and copy data in the cloud. It automates all of those processes and makes it easy for companies to access their apps instantly, wherever they are.
The head of Rubrik’s phenomenally efficient, six-person recruiting team is Neboysa Omcikus. He’s a mechanical engineer who flipped his career on its head and was hired as the first recruiter at Rubrik when only 15 people worked there.

Can you imagine adding 75 hires every quarter? Efficient scheduling is vital to that kind of hiring goal.


Using GoodTime’s software, Rubrik categorized its interviewers based on the types of interview questions they can ask given their areas of expertise. It also created standardized interview templates that laid out the types of interviewers needed for each type of job.
The recruiting team started using the software to schedule interviews, and was amazed at its easy of use and effectiveness. They told us about their favorite features:


In preparing for 2017, the team knew it needed to recoup at least 30-40 hours each week on scheduling if it was going to hit its targets. Dumping time into mundane scheduling tasks was out of the question.
Their engineers tried to build an internal software solution at a hackathon, but without any success. The old process was painful, time-consuming, error-prone and not scalable.
quotation-green ... your team gets back 30-40 hours a week. It’s like having another recruiter... Neboysa Omcikus Head of Talent at Rubrik

Every Option at a Glance

Goodbye spreadsheets! With just a few clicks, GoodTime shows recruiters every interviewer who’s available for a given time. Seeing those options at a glance means the recruiter can quickly and easily pick a great match for every candidate coming in.

Easy Rescheduling

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as lining up a perfect week of interviews only to have people begin to reschedule. That used to happen about 50% of the time at Rubrik, and it ate up time and money. Now, with GoodTime, replacing an interviewer and rescheduling is a breeze.
When an interviewer declines an interview, GoodTime shows the recruiter all the alternative interviewers who are available and eligible for that type of interview. The recruiter selects one and updates the interview with just a few clicks. No Excel spreadsheets! Recruiters simply look at the list of everyone who is qualified to participate in an interview, and pick one.

Company Branded Invitation

GoodTime allows Rubrik’s recruiting team to send candidates customized and company- branded invitations. That invitation offers the candidate times for phone and on-site interviews and lets them pick whichever one they like.


quotation Don’t wait until the pain is bad. You know your projected growth. Scheduling is only going to get worse. Adopt a solution sooner rather than later. Neboysa Omcikus
Head of Talent at Rubrik

Hitting at Scale

Rubrik’s recruiting team is well on its way to hiring 300+ people in one year. In fact, it’s ahead of schedule with half the year left to go. Each recruiter now spends 30-60 minutes per week on scheduling instead of seven hours. That’s 42 hours saved each week on a six-person team. GoodTime is like having an extra person on the team.

Matching the Best Interviewers

Rubrik’s team can now match the most diversified and relevant set of interviewers for a candidate with just a few clicks of a button. They can see all interviewer panel options in one screen and conveniently choose the best option. No need for playing calendar tetris, searching multiple Excel sheets and jotting down interviewers’ names using pen and paper.

Simplifying Processes

A recruiter can set up an entire phone screen or on-site in just a few clicks. When we timed the folks at Rubrik, it took them a minute and a half, on average to set up an interview invite. That’s a 92.5% reduction from the 20 minutes it used to take without GoodTime. That’s an astounding amount of time saved on every interview they schedule. And no more calendar tetris!
Quotation White Recruiting is a reflection of your company as whole. Candidates start to see that in all the smallest stuff we do. Our candidates say that scheduling through GoodTime is the most efficient process they went through. Jessica Chao
Technical Sourcer at Rubrik