Interview Training

Interview Training

Effortlessly Train everyone in your organization to be an effective and compliant interviewer.

Why use GoodTime's Interview Training?

Have one system to track all of your interviewers and be confident they know how to effectively evaluate candidates.

GoodTime’s Interview Logistics Platform helps you scale training with ease across your organization

Scale your training process to increase the number of interviewers by having trainees be coached by more senior team members.

Who needs Interview Training?

Looking to successfully scale and reach your hiring goals?

A robust interview training program provides a strong foundation for your company to scale your hiring efforts.

Receiving poor feedback on your interviews?

Interviewing is a skill that requires practice and proper training. Improve candidate experience by deploying a robust interview training program.

Want to standardize your interview process?

Unstandardized interviews leave candidates with varying experiences. Build a consistent interview structure and arm your team with the skills to select the right candidates.

Need to reduce your cost per hire?

Wasting interviewers’ time is one of the most expensive parts of hiring. Reduce ineffective interviews to save time and money.

What Recruiting Teams Can Expect by Training Interviewers

Stronger alignment over their team or company’s makeup

Senior members train new interviewers to ensure your team is hiring the right person for the role and company values.

Broaden your interviewer pools

More interviewers to choose from enables the team to work on projects outside of interviewing.

Shorter hiring process

Expanding your interviewer pool removes bottlenecks in the interview process.

Learn how companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Box, and more have used GoodTime’s Interview Training