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Intelligent Interviewer Selection

Easily diversify interview panels with GoodTime and match the right interviewers to your candidates.

Do you maintain a massive spreadsheet
of interviewers that often gets outdated quickly?

We keep a live database of interviewers and their skill sets so you don’t have to. Find the perfect set of interviewers based on numerous attributes such as:
  • Current Position
  • Location
  • Core Values
  • Specific Skills
  • University Affiliation
  • Past Employment
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Department
This data enables you to customize your panel to maximize the candidate experience and hire the right person for the right job.

A Structured Interview Process

Use templates to standardize your interview
process to maintain consistency and effectiveness
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Interviewer Attributes

Create targeted panels by specifying interviewer attributes or by selecting specific interviewers

Candidate Communication

Create a cohesive candidate experience with consistent calendar events and emails

Lunches & Breaks

Add lunches & breaks to your interview schedule to allow the candidate time to refresh and refuel


Capture candidate feedback quickly by adding debrief meetings after your interviews

Reach your Diversity & Inclusion Goals

diversify panels

Unconscious Bias

Diversify your interview panels to give a fair evaluation to every qualified candidate.

candidate scheduling

Increase Offer
Acceptance Rates

Show candidates you care by ensuring an inclusive interview process.

diverse interview panel

the Barrier to Entry

Diverse panels increase the chance of underrepresented members making it through the process.

See how some of the world’s best companies
are diversifying their interview panels with GoodTime.