GoodTime Meet

GoodTime Meet allows you to schedule all your meetings without the back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

What is GoodTime Meet?

Made for Recruiters

GoodTime Meet is your very own personal meeting link! Easily schedule meetings with passive candidates that are not yet tracked in your applicant tracking system!

Simple and Flexible

Create as many GoodTime Meet links as possible for different meeting types such as the initial interview screens, hiring manager interviews, reference calls and, in fact, any meeting!


GoodTime Meet automates the scheduling of simple meetings in a powerful way by integrating with your other meeting solutions such as Google Calendar, Zoom, Hangouts, WebEx and more.

How it Works


Your meeting links inside GoodTime


Your GoodTime Meet Link via Email, LinkedIn, or your personal site


Recepients choose a time based on your real-time availability. and the meeting is automatically created on everyone's calendar


With your candidate remotely or in person

Customize your Meetings Inside GoodTime

  • Automatically Include Video & Dial-in Information
  • Book Available Meeting Rooms
  • Select Meeting Length
  • Include Calendar Descriptions
  • Allow for Time Buffers Between Meetings
  • Choose your own Scheduling Window

Who can use GoodTime Meet?

GoodTime Meet was created to handle heavy recruiting activity by sourcers and recruiters, yet is simple enough to handle everyone’s meeting needs.

  • Sourcers

    Initial screening calls and cold outreach

  • Recruiters

    Initial recruiter calls, reference checks, and extending offers

  • Hiring Managers

    Hiring Manager interviews and reference checks

  • Everyone

    Lunch meetings, customer calls, sales meetings, and anyone who needs to meet!

See how GoodTime Meet can add value to your recruiting workflow today!