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GoodTime's Interview Scheduling helps Airbnb’s global hiring teams make interviews effective

Interview Scheduling

Save time automating interview scheduling while providing a world-class candidate experience from the very first touchpoint.

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Intelligent Interviewer Selection

Decrease unconscious bias in the hiring process and match the right interviewers to your candidates.

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Interview Training

Remove bottlenecks in the hiring process by making everyone an effective interviewer.

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Analytics & Insights

Gain visibility into your interviewing process and access the data you need to forecast hiring.

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Customer Testimonials

LiveRamp improves candidate experience with GoodTime’s Interview Logistics Platform.

Box's Recruiting Coordinators save 40% of their day scheduling interviews using GoodTime’s Interview Logistics Platform.

Patreon reduces their time to hire by 50% with GoodTime’s Automated Interview Scheduling.

The fastest hiring team typically get the best candidates. GoodTime helped us accomplish that.

Erika Thorson-Garay

Head of Talent Acquisition at LiveRamp

GoodTime is a great accelerator for the hiring process. By leveraging the platform and putting more control into the hands of candidates, we've eliminated what’s normally the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the process.

David Moore

VP of Recruiting at Box

Before GoodTime, I'd have interviews, customer calls, and internal meetings booked back-to-back and would have to constantly switch hats. Now, I feel more focused and can theme my days to stay more productive.

Judson Griffin

VP of Sales, West at Namely

We are a user focused organization. Therefore, the candidate experience is really paramount for us. We tried multiple tools but decided on GoodTime because our candidates gave positive feedback on the ease and speed of interview scheduling they experienced

Matt Greenberg

Former Head of Talent at ZeroCater

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