Spend time recruiting, not scheduling

Fully automated candidate scheduling so you and your team can get back to planning, sourcing, and closing top talent.

Simplify your candidate scheduling workflow

GoodTime automates candidate scheduling so your team doesn’t have to waste any more time checking candidate availability, sifting through team calendars and managing massive email threads between stakeholders. Our intelligent matching system syncs with your teammates calendars and finds the most optimal times to schedule interviews. GoodTime takes a task that used to take hours a day and reduces it down to 30 seconds.

Helping great teams focus on hiring the best talent

Streamlining the candidate interview flow starts with listening to our trusted partners. Join our select board of customer advisors and help build the future of candidate scheduling. Share and learn from the top recruiting teams in the industry.

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You need an edge to win top talent

Win back time lost on low value tasks

A third of most recruiting team resources are spent scheduling candidate phone calls and interview. Teams that use GoodTime are able to continue to expand their sourcing and recruiting teams without having to scale up their manual scheduling efforts.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

47% of candidates that are in the recruiting process end up accepting other jobs while waiting for companies to get back to them. Stop losing candidates to other companies who move faster. Set up interviews in 30 seconds or less with GoodTime.

Reduce error down to zero

Four out of every 10 interviews ends up having to be rescheduled or “shifted” due to miscommunication, last minute changes or human error. GoodTime automates reschedule requests from both candidates and interviewers and enables seamless communication – eliminating the chance of human error throughout the entire scheduling process.

Make your first impression count

We understand how important it is for your candidates to feel welcome. Our candidate experience flow has been designed to create a lasting impression – so you can express your company culture and personalize your communication from the first touch point. Candidates can effortlessly find times for interviews and onsites on both desktop and mobile devices.

Move at light speed with templates

At the center of GoodTime’s autonomous scheduling system lies a sophisticated templating engine. Templates provide the necessary restrictions to allow GoodTime to find the most appropriate matches for interviews. By using highly customizable templates, recruiters can request interviews to be scheduled with ease.

Get your head above the clouds

Let’s be honest, managing team calendars isn’t on the top of anyone’s list of favorite things to do. GoodTime’s Interviewer Allocation Algorithm (GIAA) was born to play calendar tetris. Using your companies existing calendar system, GIAA can find hundreds of matching combinations of interviewer availability and cherry pick the optimal choice to schedule interviews in milliseconds.


Automatically send out reminders & notifications to candidates and interviewers.

ATS Integrations

Seamlessly integrate interview schedules with your existing Applicant Tracking System.


View and export your team's performance from actionable metrics dashboards.