Automated Interview Scheduling

The industry’s first talent operations platform for interview scheduling and interviewer training.

Airbnb + GoodTime

Learn how Airbnb uses GoodTime to optimise their hiring process

Scheduled to Confirmed in as little as 1 hour

Simply set up your interview, then let your candidates select a time for the interview. We’ll take care of the rest.


Interview Setup

Select interviewers yourself or let us pick the most optimal set of interviewers based on attributes/skill sets needed for the interview.


Candidates pick a time

GoodTime integrates with interviewers’ calendars, providing real-time availability for your candidate to select a date/time for the interview.


Calendar & ATS Syncing

GoodTime immediately syncs the candidate's selection to your ATS & calendars then notifies the recruiting team, interviewers and the candidate.

The GoodTime Difference


For Candidates

1 email instead of 16 to schedule an interview.


For Recruiters

90% reduction in time to schedule an interview


For TA Leaders

7 days shorter total time to hire a candidate


For Coordinators

Maximum control on every detail about the interview

Loved by 100,000+ Candidates

Impress your candidates with a smooth, mobile-friendly interview scheduling process your candidates will thank you for.

Side note, really digging the clean scheduling interface!

Awesome! This is very very smooth! Smoothest process I have ever seen! Your system rocks :)

So, this scheduling stuff you use is really slick, taking my preferred time and then automatically matching me with an engineer? Very cool.

The scheduling system works really well! So easy to schedule a time

GoodTime increased the number of interviews scheduled per day by 2x, leading us closer to our recruiting goals.

Eli Hamel

Director of Recruiting at Patreon

Buy GoodTime! Don't wait until the pain is bad. You know your projected growth. Scheduling is only going to get worse. Adopt a solution sooner rather than later.

-Neboysa Omcikus

Head of Talent at Rubrik

We are a user focused organization. Therefore, the candidate experience is really paramount for us. We tried multiple tools but decided on GoodTime because our candidates gave positive feedback on the ease and speed of interview scheduling they experienced

Matt Greenberg

Head of Talent at ZeroCater

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Learn about the industry’s first talent operations platform for interview scheduling and interviewer training.