Spend time recruiting, not scheduling interviews

Intelligent interview scheduling that candidates and interviewers will thank you for.

GoodTime has been one of the biggest wins we had in the last year in terms of implementing a technology that helps with recruiting efficiency.

Jill Macri

Head of Talent at Airbnb

Buy GoodTime! Don't wait until the pain is bad. You know your projected growth. Scheduling is only going to get worse. Adopt a solution sooner rather than later.

-Neboysa Omcikus

Head of Talent at Rubrik

We are a user focused organization. Therefore, the candidate experience is really paramount for us. We tried multiple tools but decided on GoodTime because our candidates gave positive feedback on the ease and speed of interview scheduling they experienced

Matt Greenberg

Head of Talent at ZeroCater

Efficiency is Key

Spend more time closing top talent. Our fully automated candidate scheduling is up to 10x faster, meaning your time to hire is dramatically reduced.

Rubrik Case Study

A Better Candidate Experience

Say goodbye to email pingpong and time consuming errors. Candidates love how easy it is to schedule and reschedule using GoodTime.

ZeroCater Case Study

Smarter Interview Panels

GoodTime makes it easy to diversify your interviewer panel in order to remove unconscious bias, optimize load balance and reduce burnout.

Enterprise-Grade Quality

Whether you're a fast growing company or a large enterprise, GoodTime was built to grow with you.

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