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The Best Candidate Experience Possible

First impressions can make or break you, so you want to be sure your business shines in the overall experience—the candidate journey from the talent board to the interview itself.

When looking to fulfill a current role, provide a clear job description that showcases your awesome company culture. Great talent will gravitate towards a thorough, well-branded job post. In order to increase the quality of your job applicants and win candidate satisfaction, ensure your recruiting team represents you strongly.

Improved Candidate-Driven Scheduling

With or without a job offer, we understand how important it is for your talent pool to feel welcomed by the interview process and even the job description. Applicants can minimize the chaos of a job search by effortlessly selecting interview times right from their phone.

Showcase Your Employer Branding

Leave your candidates with a positive experience of your employer brand. Fully brand every aspect of your application process, from your logo to custom background images. Your new hires will feel like they already know you.

Line up with your candidate’s time zone.

GoodTime automatically detects candidate and interviewer time zones, which can have a huge impact on your scheduling capabilities. Bad candidate experiences are usually the result of scheduling mishaps. For online or in-person interviews, avoid misunderstandings and seamlessly fill that open role.

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GoodTime Candidate Reviews

Give your candidates a good experience with a smooth, mobile-friendly interview scheduling process.

Love that I can see the office space before I even set foot into my onsite!
-Justin, Candidate at Dropbox

Awesome! This is very, very smooth! Smoothest process I have ever seen! Your system rocks :)
-Kristina, Candidate at Rubrik

That the candidate can book a time slot is perfect! You take my preferred time and then automatically match me with an engineer. Very cool!
-Manisha, Candidate at Shopify

The scheduling system works really well! So easy to schedule a time
-Yao, Candidate at Kabbage

#1 Candidate Experience

Scheduling Software

Leading Candidate-Driven Scheduling Software

GoodTime’s mobile-friendly scheduling flow allows high-quality candidates to select times that work for interviews, which are then automatically confirmed. Minimize bad experiences and fill that open position quicker.

Interview Management Software

Simple Rescheduling with Interview Management Software

Whether it’s an illness, emergency, or something else, qualified candidates can reschedule at any point before their interview through GoodTime. From the job post to the start date, keep everyone on the same page. Avoid a negative experience and don't let the best candidate fall through the cracks.

Intuitive Calendar Integrations

Intuitive Calendar Integrations

The first step is to integrate with interviewers’ calendars, providing real-time availability for your candidate and hiring manager to select a date and time. The next step is to boast a good candidate experience they won't forget.

Improved Candidate Experience

Interview Load Balancing

Interview Load Balancing

Make sure your top talent gets the best. Load balancing and interviewer preferences within GoodTime ensure that no interviewers are overloaded, so they can professionally interview every single candidate.

Interview Training

Interview Training

It's never a bad time to train more employees to become an interviewer. GoodTime automates the coordination of interviewer training modules so that you can keep track of the training status of each employee. In training and shadowing sessions, show employees the best practices and teach them to ask the right questions to potential candidates. Incorporate thoughtful open-ended questions to ask your talent pool. Get everyone on the same page with what a suitable candidate would be like.

Interviewer Reminders

Interviewer Reminders

Of course, the most important factor in scheduling is to remember your appointments. Set reminders so every person knows when and where they need to be for their interviews. The easiest way to set reminders is via your email address, SMS, or Slack.

Improve candidate experience with our interview scheduling solution.

Follow up with interviewees with easy candidate experience survey questions so you can get honest, useful feedback for your next talent acquisition process.