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Case Studies


Box's Recruiting Coordinators get back 40% of their day with GoodTime.

Rally Health

How Rally’s recruiting team leverages metrics to drive efficiency and effectiveness in their hiring using GoodTime.


How Axios got fully trained and scheduling with GoodTime in just one week!


Patreon doubles the amount of interviews scheduled to reduce Time to Hire by 50% with GoodTime.


LiveRamp gets their candidates in the door fast to help the top talent with GoodTime.


Formation reduces their cost to hire while improving the candidate experience to get the top talent with GoodTime.


Rubrik's recruiting team saves 42 hours per week with GoodTime


ZeroCater improves their candidate experience while scheduling interviews 7.2x faster with GoodTime.

PAX Labs

PAX gets trained to fully automate scheduling for phone screens and on-site interviews with GoodTime in just one week!