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The fastest hiring team typically get the best candidates. GoodTime helped us accomplish that.
Quotation The fastest hiring team typically get the best candidates. GoodTime helped us accomplish that. Erika Thorson-Garay
Head of Talent Acquisition at LiveRamp


Getting candidates in the door fast when recruiting competition is at its highest

LiveRamp’s recruiting team is focused on scaling their organization from 450 to 600 employees during the next year-and-a-half. With a talent team of three recruiting coordinators and 10 recruiters, LiveRamp has used GoodTime to help them get candidates in the door faster, enhance the candidate experience and give valuable time back to their recruiting coordination team.


LiveRamp offers brands and the companies they work with identity resolution that is integrated throughout the digital ecosystem, providing the foundation for true omnichannel marketing. Their services transform the technology platforms used by their clients into people-based marketing channels that improve the relevancy of marketing and ultimately allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love.
With offices across the globe, LiveRamp currently has 450 employees and growing. The LiveRamp recruiting team sets a standard of a 24 hour response time for all applications submitted. GoodTime has helped expand that initiative by getting candidates in the door faster.
quotation-white We started using GoodTime because we knew we needed to get candidates in the door faster to grow our business. Erika Thorson-Garay
Head of Talent Acquisition at LiveRamp


In today’s candidate-driven market, candidates have so many choices, making it competitive to acquire top talent. LiveRamp knew the fastest hiring team would attract the best candidates and needed a platform that could help them coordinate complex interviews schedules with expediency and scalability.
The ZeroCater Recruiting Team


Schedule candidates with an expedient solution that can handle volume:

With a few simple clicks, LiveRamp’s recruiting team could select interviewers based on skill sets, choose multiple time frames for candidates and include role-specific emails within a few minutes. This allows recruiting coordinators to streamline the interview process and avoid back-and-forth emails to confirm an interview. 

A fully branded candidate experience:

From the invitation email to the scheduling experience, LiveRamp was front and center throughout the interview process. GoodTime enables the team to enhance the brand by including the logo and custom images that showcase the culture at LiveRamp. Candidates can get a sense for the company and be familiar with the environment prior to coming on-site. 


After implementing GoodTime, the LiveRamp recruiting coordinator team found they had extra time to work on more strategic projects. Additionally, they could grow their skill sets beyond scheduling.


Candidates are in the door for interviews faster:

Kaitlyn Matta used GoodTime during her interview process. She used GoodTime to schedule her phone screen within two days of submitting her formal application, and had a full panel interview within 10 days. Matta was hired within a two-week window of applying for the role.

Enhanced candidate experience:

Mima was interviewing for two months prior to joining LiveRamp. After being hired at LiveRamp, companies were just reaching out to her months after applying for a job she was no longer interested in. LiveRamp won the competition to acquire top talent by leveraging GoodTime to reduce time-to-hire.

Time for Professional Growth:

Recruiting coordinators have more time to focus on key internal projects. Their team started a new program called Rampies that recognizes interviewers who have made an impact in hiring.
The ZeroCater Recruiting Team
Quotation White I love GoodTime! Alyx Rodriguez
Recruiter, formerly Recruiting Coordinator at LiveRamp