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Quotation Our candidates appreciate how fast their interviews get scheduled. Matt Greenburg
Head of Talent at ZeroCater


Increase hiring speed while providing the best candidate experience

ZeroCater is a tech-enabled, managed catering service for growth- stage companies. Think Google’s famous cafeterias, but for smaller companies. ZeroCater is growing fast and aims to add more than 100 full-time and part-time employees in year 2017.


Matt Greenburg runs the talent divisions at ZeroCater. When Matt joined ZeroCater a year ago, it had 140 full and part-time employees, with sales people in New York, San Francisco, and a few other cities. They’ve added about 50 part-timers since he came on board, and are adding 70 more people by early 2018.
Their number one focus is the candidate experience. The founders support that approach and it has been the focus of Matt’s energy since he arrived at ZeroCater. ZeroCater is a user-focused organization and wants to convey that mindset to their candidates right from the start.


When Matt arrived at ZeroCater, the interview processes were manual and scheduling involved endless back and forths with candidates. Everything about the interviewer selection process was based on Matt and his team knowing who should be invited to interviews and when they could move schedules around. Matt wanted to bring consistency and greater efficiency to their interview process as ZeroCater scaled its hiring efforts.
They piloted a few tools, one of which was an AI-based scheduling bot to set up interview times. That option didn’t always work well and took away from the candidate experience. The AI-based scheduling bot still scheduled everything by exchanging email back and forth, but without
the human touch. It was a step down from person-to-person email scheduling.
What’s more, the bot could only manage scheduling for basic phone interviews. At ZeroCater, they needed something that could handle more complexity around on- site interviews, including:
  1. Booking conference rooms
  2. Managing multiple interviewers’ calendars
  3. Managing busy executives’ calendars
  4. Easily rescheduling onsite interviews


Then ZeroCater found GoodTime. Matt’s team started using it in March of 2017, and in no time was reaping its benefits. Four aspects of GoodTime were particularly helpful to them:
quotation-green ... candidate feedback has been nothing but positive ... Matt Greenburg Head of Talent at ZeroCater

No back and forth. None.

GoodTime’s company-branded invitations are incredibly easy to navigate. Candidates can choose a time that suits them without any back-and-forth emails with recruiters.

Easy Rescheduling

Candidates can use their original invitation to reschedule an interview on their own. Recruiters can set a limit to how many times they can do this. It makes it easy for candidates to reschedule interviews without taking up anyone’s time.

Repeatable interviewer panels

The recruiting team wanted consistency in its interview processes across all roles and locations. They didn’t want to rely on one-off interview panel selections by recruiters and hiring managers. With GoodTime, they were able to roll out consistent processes. Backup interviewer selection is now part of the interview template. If someone can’t make it, the recruiting coordinator can easily pick from alternative interviewers who have relevant experience and expertise.

Conference room management

GoodTime can manage conference room calendars, and suggest available rooms that are the right size at the right location. If audio visuals are required during the interview, GoodTime’s algorithm can choose a room with the right set up.


quotation For us the biggest reason why we use GoodTime is to reduce the back and forth and to reduce the total Time to Hire. Matt Greenburg
Head of Talent at ZeroCater

A positive candidate experience

The ZeroCater team found that GoodTime was the best software to improve its candidate experience. Candidates love how they can instantaneously pick a time. Recruiters love how GoodTime helps candidates through the process faster.

Faster time to hires

When interviews are scheduled faster, it reduces ZeroCater’s time to hire. That means they can ramp up their teams quickly when necessary. It means the whole company can be more agile and responsive to customer needs.

Efficient scheduling

GoodTime helped ZeroCater’s recruiting team schedule interviews 7.2X faster
Quotation White We are a user focused organization. Therefore, the candidate experience is really paramount for us. We tried multiple tools but decided on GoodTime because our candidates gave positive feedback on the ease and speed of interview scheduling they experienced Matt Greenburg
Head of Talent at ZeroCater