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Life without GoodTime would be absolutely unimaginable. It would be impossible for our recruiting coordinators to keep up with the large volume of scheduling we have.

Kristen Vance, Technical Recruiting Coordinator, Zoom

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Founder and CEO Eric Yuan left a lucrative career to take a chance at a virtual meeting platform — and it paid off. 

Zoom provides frictionless video communication to people across the world, helping them connect, communicate, and get more done together.

And — needless to say — Zoom’s growth skyrocketed during the early days of the pandemic, becoming a household name that transformed the way people communicate remotely. Zoom is continuously innovating and scaling its solutions for large enterprises, small businesses, and individuals — so everyone has a chance to engage, no matter they live.

Building Blocks to Hiring Top Talent

Amazing Candidate Experience

Top talent candidates have many options and expect a seamless, captivating experience every step of the way.

Data-Driven Recruiting

Great data allows for continuously learning from and improving the recruiting process, time to hire, hiring costs, and making better hiring decisions.

Hiring Quality at Scale

Automating and scaling the scheduling process allows Zoom to reach out to more candidates in the pipeline and make better hiring decisions.

The Challenge: Lots of great candidates stuck in a sluggish hiring pipeline

When Kristen Vance joined Zoom as Technical Recruiter Coordination Manager, they had a small team of four based in the U.S., and were scheduling roughly 2,000 interview events per quarter.

However, in March 2020 when so much of the workforce went remote overnight, Zoom’s recruitment team grew too, expanding to more than 15 global recruiting coordinators who were now managing more than 11,000 interviews per quarter.

Kristen and her team knew that to keep up with the new volume, they needed a scheduling system that could automate as much as possible.

Zoom wanted to reduce the time to fill by scheduling faster while handling a larger scheduling load.

Before GoodTime, the recruitment team of four was scheduling interviews manually, which felt a lot like playing “calendar Tetris.”

As the pandemic rapidly scaled Zoom’s team from 2k to 5k employees, recruiters tried frantically to keep up with scheduling volume, experiencing major backups in their hiring pipelines that led to great candidates dropping out, and too many unhappy hiring managers.

At the current hiring pace, the recruitment team knew they needed a solution to automate their processes. To ease recruiter load, speed up processes, and find candidates fast, Zoom turned to GoodTime.

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The Solution

With GoodTime, Zoom’s recruitment team is now able to handle a larger volume of candidates in less time than before.

“Life without GoodTime would be absolutely unimaginable,” Kristen remarked. “It would be impossible for our recruiting coordinators to keep up with the large volume of scheduling we have.”

Zoom reduced their time-to-fill by making scheduling easier for candidates, eliminating bottlenecks, and empowering recruiters to schedule faster — even with more candidates in the queue.

Now candidates can self-schedule their interviews at their favorite time. And GoodTime automatically syncs calendars so everyone is at the right place, at the right time.

The Outcome

Kristen’s team is excited to continue expanding its recruitment mission using GoodTime technology. With their new interview scheduling platform, they feel confident they’re hiring the right people for the right role — and doing it as quickly as possible.

And because GoodTime lets them fully brand every part of the application process, the Zoom recruiters also have big plans to continue enhancing their candidate experience with on-brand communication.

“If you’re considering GoodTime, you should definitely go for it,” Kristen says. “It’s worth its weight in gold. You can get back your efficiency and spend more time on meaningful and impactful work.”

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Valuable Insights

Faster Scheduling

It didn’t take long for Kristen and her team to realize they were up against an extremely competitive hiring landscape. They were seeing candidates come to interviews with other offers already on the table and knew they needed to act fast.

“If you’re not able to act fast and get interviews scheduled, you really risk the chance of losing out on talent,” Kristen says.

GoodTime was the solution they needed to fast-track their hiring. They went from slow, manual calendar and interview updates to scheduling faster — even with a bigger load. What’s more, with streamlined processes in place, they’re able to forecast their hires, create connections, and move quickly in a competitive job market.

Time Zones Made Easy

Before GoodTime, Kristen and her team wasted too much precious time and mental energy trying to figure out how to sync interviews across different time zones; but now, time zone alignment happens automatically.

GoodTime automatically syncs calendar availability with candidates no matter where they live, saving time and avoiding bad first impressions with interviewees.

“Our candidates love our scheduling platform and have remarked on the ease of use,” Kristen says. “And the quick turnaround keeps the momentum going for the candidates and carries their excitement into their interview.”

More Recruiter Bandwidth

Zoom’s recruiting coordinators used to spend a lot of time on tedious tasks like sending back and forth emails, and rescheduling missed interviews. They barely had any time to work on more valuable activities, like creating a more personalized candidate experience.

With GoodTime, those tedious tasks are automated, allowing recruiters to focus on the human element of the candidate experience and on more strategic, engaging work.

“When recruiting coordinators aren’t manually scheduling, they can bring the human element back into this virtual world. They can slow down to really impact and elevate the candidate experience.” Kristen says.

Kristen’s team is also tracking their interviewer and recruiter load volume with GoodTime’s real-time insights. Now, they can be proactive about load balance and save their valuable team from overwork and burnout.

The data and insights we get from GoodTime help our team make large decisions. We’re currently tracking our interviewer and coordinator volume and looking at load balancing. It helps us to get ahead of overworked interviewers and recruiting coordinators.

Kristen Vance, Technical Recruiting Coordinator, Zoom

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