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candidates and clients

Receive instant candidate feedback from clients and automate scheduling to get more of your candidates hired, faster.


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Companies are still hiring! Use the live tracker below to help find new opportunities for your candidates.

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Collect & Share Availability

Share the Hiring Manager or candidate's real-time availability and have interviews confirmed when you're sleeping! Once an interview is confirmed, everyone (including you) has the interview on their calendar.

Timely Candidate Feedback

Hiring Managers can say yes and no to candidates. If there isn't a match, Hiring Managers can easily provide you feedback to improve your search. No more waiting to hear back!

Automatic Reminders & Follow-ups

With GoodTime Hire, you never will need to chase down a candidate or hiring manager again. Ensure hiring managers provide the feedback you need on your search and candidates confirm scheduling their interviews!

No more back and forth to collect feedback and availability!